The Healing Power of Humor

Humor is empowering! In order to cope in today's hectic world of technological explosions, a sense of humor is vital. The power of humor lies in its ability to restore vitality, preserve sanity, strengthen self-identity, and reduce stress. With humor, our busy and complex lives become manageable.

1. To gain knowledge about the physiological benefits of laughter.
2. To learn ways to utilize humor to reduce stress and "burnout."
3. To improve communications skills with others using appropriate humor. 

Several State Departments of Health; HIV/AIDS organizations; women's health agencies

Humor and Stress Management

Humans have a basic need to express their essential values and talents in their work and working is central to every life. Work can be our play, our passion, or our joy. And, yes, it can be stressful. It can also be a vehicle for finding our unique place in the human family, while serving as an antidote to alienation and loneliness. People want to be productive, creative, contributing members of society.

1. To gain knowledge about the benefits of humor in the workplace.
2. To learn ways to utilize humor to reduce stress and burnout, and achieve desired results.
3. To use humor as a tool of empowerment, creativity, passion, and energy.

Johns Hopkins University; Monroe Community College; Parker-Hannifin, and others

Humor and Diversity

This workshop is designed to explore some of the barriers imposed by race, gender, class, sexual orientation, ability, and cultural differences. Discussions will focus on the use of appropriate humor to raise sensitivity, and to generate creative and positive action in our daily lives. With its accent on leadership training, this session will empower participants to appreciate differences, embrace similarities, and promote harmony and empowerment in our respective environments and communities.

1. To develop awareness and sensitivity about differences.
2. To learn ways to utilize appropriate humor for transformation and healing.
3. To improve communication skills with others using humor.

Department of Agriculture/State of California Diversity Programs (Redding to San Diego)

Let's Laugh About Sex!

Through lecture, group discussion, storytelling, and role play, we will joyfully challenge existing issues about roles, communication styles, dating, consent, sexual health, and harmonious relationships. A powerful experience for teens, college youth, and young adults.

1. To explore ways to use humor to strengthen self-identity.
2. To improve communication skills in personal relationships.
3. To encourage playfulness and joy in daily life.

John Carroll University; Youth & Sexuality Conferences.

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